Onboarding checklist

Welcome to Localistico! We’re really excited to join your digital to offline journey and are confident we can help complete your objectives over the course of our partnership. To kick-off, these are the next steps we need to follow:

  1. Localistico team will create for you a business and initial users. We let you know by email when this is done. You will be able to create the rest of the users for your business from our Accounts Portal.
  2. Connect your platform (Google, Facebook etc) credentials with Localistico. If you yet don't have any accounts created on the platforms, first create the accounts. We recommend starting with Google and later continue with other platforms. 
    1. How to add your Google credentials?
    2. Creating accounts on the platforms
  3. Fill in your business details. We recommend filling in at least:
    1. brand name
    2. business categories
    3. logo
    4. Google extended attributes
  4. Upload with a file or manually create your locations. Please contact to support@localistico.com after creating the locations for a profile discovery.
    1. Import your locations to Localistico
    2. Manually create a location
  5. Review and link your profiles that Localistico has discovered you. Profiles that don't represent your business can be ignored. 
    1. Linking profiles
  6. Fix at least the most of your venue warnings in case you have any to have optimised data:
    1. How to solve venue warnings?
  7. Email to support@localistico.com to run an extraction and a presence report. Meanwhile, make sure that your location information is complete. You may edit your location information like this:
    1. Edit your location data
  8. Publish your data on Google when our Support Team will email you that everything is ready! Remember to keep on publishing after every edit you make in Localistico and at least once a week to overwrite any use suggestions made on the platforms. 
  9. After publication, keep improving your data by including missing information, uploading photos and start managing your reputation. You may follow your metrics from Analytics tab. You can find information on this from our Help Centre