What is accuracy and how to improve it?

Accuracy indicates how well the venue data is matching with the information on the platforms

Venue and profile accuracy indicates how well the data that is uploaded in Localistico matches with the data on Google and other local marketing platforms. 

Currently, the venue accuracy is available on the publications tab. By clicking on the accuracy percentage, it is possible to view the accuracy by platform:

To filter the venues with the high, medium and low accuracy, use the accuracy filter:

To see the accuracy by a profile, please navigate on the profiles tab:

By clicking on the profile accuracy, it is possible to view the accuracy by the data. 

If you wish to view the accuracy of only one or few platforms, this can be adjusted as explained in this article. Please note that accuracy is not available for all platforms. 

How to improve venue accuracy?

If the venue accuracy is low or medium, it is recommended to take some actions. Follow this check list to improve your accuacy:

1. Make sure all addresses are validated:

How to validate addresses?

2. Review all warnings:

How to review warnings?

3. Fix failed publications:

How to solve failed publications?

4. Claim all your profiles:

How to claim profiles?

5. Publish at least once a week:

How to publish my locations?