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Does the use of Localistico help my business get higher ranking on platforms like Google, Facebook or others?

Localistico is a tool that helps you to manage your online presence and reputation more efficiently. If you use the tool actively and follow our recommendations, your ranking may improve.

How each platform calculates the ranking of your business for certain queries depends on many factors. We try to help you include more references to boost you in local searches in your area, but that doesn't necessarily translate into higher rankings for all queries. 

Also, please note that neither us nor anybody else can guarantee you a certain ranking for a particular search - if somebody says otherwise, they're probably a scam.

This is what we can do to help you have higher ranking on the local searches:

  • Optimize your profiles for each platform by completing all the information that is requested in Localistico. By filling in all the fields in Localistico with accurate information, you can be sure that your profiles on the platforms have all the information they need in order to have the better SEO. Have a look at our articles about optimizing your business and venue information for more details!
  • Keep your hours updated and add special and more hours to indicate the real opening hours during the regional and national holidays. Having accurate and updated information on the platforms helps you to improve your ranking. Updating information in Localistico is easy and fast! Have a look at our related help centre articles for more information.
  • Add a description that includes keywords. They help your customers find your business better. See this article for more information about adding the description.
  • Update your data frequently across all the platforms by clicking on one button and overwrite the incorrect suggestions made by third parties. Platforms and users can modify your profile information without asking your permission first. Publishing your information at least once a week from Localistico on the platforms keeps your data accurate by removing all the changes that users and platforms might have made on your profiles. Have a look at this article to know how to publish!
  • Discover all the profiles created by you, the platforms or other users and easily claim them or mark them as duplicated. Localistico frequently discovers all the profiles that match with the location information that has been uploaded to Localistico. Link the profiles with the corresponding venues and claim the profiles that are not owned by you. Currently, Localistico supports claiming unclaimed Google profiles. Having only one single profile per location on each platform assures that your customers will reach the correct profile with the information controlled by you. Have a look at our articles about claiming profiles and flagging the duplicates for more information on the matter.
  • Respond to reviews and questions from your clients easily from one place. Platforms don't allow removing the reviews only because they are negative. By responding to your reviews, you might turn a bad experience into a good one. Google, for example, gives more visibility for businesses that reply to the reviews actively. Have a look at our articles related with reviews for more information!
  • Add photos for your locations and update them periodically. Google for example gives more visibility for the profiles that are experiencing changes and receiving new photos frequently. This indicates that the business is active. Find more information about photos here

More information about improving the ranking on the local searches on this Google article